Starting up a New Spa with SpaClear®


Setting up your new Spa is easy with the Spa Clear Start-up procedure.

Rain water and bore water also needs to be treated.

On delivery of your Spa, fill your new spa up with tap water to the recommended level.  Fill by putting hose in filter pipe (to help eliminate air blocks) and heat to desired temperature (26-36 degrees is recommended). 


STEP 1 - Test the Water

OK Range for pH is between 7.2 - 7.8

OK Range for Total Alkalinity is between: 80-160

Use your Spa Clear Test Strips to test the pH and Total Alkalinity of your spa Water (read test strip instantly). If the test reading is below the OK range for pH and Total Alkalinity add appropriate quantity of Spa Fret pH and Alkalinity Increaser.

45 grams per 1000 litres of this product will increase total Alkalinity by 25ppm and will increase pH as well. Mix chemical, put into Spa and press the cleaning cycle, circulate for 20 minutes before going on to Step 2.  If the pH and Total Alkalinity is above the OK range, add Spa Fresh Reducer to reach the OK range.

STEP 2 - Sanitise the Spa

When using Spa Clear Lithium Sanitiser add 50 grams per 1000 Litres and press the cleaning cycle and circulate for 20 minutes.  Every day after that add 12 grams per 1000L per day as a daily dose even if you don't use the Spa.  On the days you do use the spa add Lithium 20 minutes before you get into the spa.  The free chlorine reading should be between 1-3 on your test strip, you are then safe to use the spa.

Note: This is a guide only - you may be required to use more or less.

The daily dose above is base on 2 people using the spa 2-3 times per week.  More usage requires more chemicals.


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