Spa Industries now has the largest range of Spa Brands in both Australia and New Zealand, after having recently acquired the manufacturing equipment, moulds and IP for Lanark Bathroomware and the moulds for the Heritage Spa range. The addition of these two brands now gives Spa Industries an impressive Portfolio of Spa Brands with over 500 retail outlets –

Signature Spas
Designer Spas
Cyclone Spas
Infinity Swim Spas
Bullfrog Spas
Leisurerite Spas
Heritage Spas
Lanark Spas
Bunning’s Spa range
Clark Rubber Spa range

The addition of the Lanark Bathroomware range has expanded our retail market to cater for plumbing suppliers and home DIY stores. Lanark has a reputation spanning over 25 years and is the chosen supplier to major plumbing stores with an exclusive range manufactured for the Reece Plumbing outlets. The Lanark range of spa baths is now being produced in the Spa Industries Hallam manufacturing facility, with an additional manufacturing plant located in Sydney.

The decision to take on the Lanark Bathroom range together with the core staff members, made sense in the quiet economy, as it allowed us to keep the production line going. With a smooth transition, and some minor changes to our Production and staffing levels, we were able to keep the business momentum rolling and have succeeded in meeting the Lanark sales targets.

We are now looking to the future positively, knowing that we can offer our customers the largest range of top Brands of Australian made spas, backed with Australian warranty.


Spa Industries goes from Strength to strength........