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How do I test my spa to ensure it is ready to use?

​Correct water balance ensures that equipment and surfaces are protected and that water is comfortable for bathers.  To test pH, alkalinity and calcium levels in the water, use the Spa Clear 4 Way Test Strips.  Remove the strip from the vial and swirl beneath the surface of the spa water 2 to 3 times then line the strip up against the outside of the container.  (Do not shake water from the strip). 

Maintain alkalinity at 80 - 120 ppm and pH at 7.2 - 7.6. Using the label, determine the correct amount of Alkalinity & pH Increaser required. Scoop up container of spa water and add the required dosage of Spa Fresh Alkalinity & pH Increaser. Dissolve  Spa Fresh Alkalinity & pH Increaser completely in the bucket & pour back into spa. Re-check pH & alkalinity using the Spa Clear 4 Way Test Strips. Repeat process if needed to attain correct level.

Why is my water cloudy?
Cloudy spa water can result from a heavy bather load.   It can also be a result of dirty filter cartridges, clean with Spa Fresh Filter Scrub as per instructions.  Other causes can be insufficient filtering time, pH and alkalinity out of balance or incorrect dose rate and low levels of calcium hardness (particularly with tank water).  Sometimes it is simply time to dump the spa water.​

How often do I need to change the Water?

This depends on the bathing load of your spa
Heavy usage  6-8 weeks
Regular usage  8-12 weeks
Light usage 12-20 weeks

This is a guideline only, but should be done at a maximum of 20 weeks or when the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level exceeds 1000ppm. For convenience use the test strips.

Why does my water have a bad odour?

Smelly spa water can be the result of insufficient dose rate of Sanitiser, pH and alkalinity being out of balance, heavy bathing load or dirty filter cartridges.  If all have been checked and are fine, it can be that the spa has been covered for a period of time and a condensation smell can appear. Remove cover and wipe down with damp cloth and Spa Fresh Pipe Degreaser (using rubber gloves) rinse off and leave in the sun to dry. The Spa Industries range has no smell, where others contain a chemical odour which masks the cause of the smell.



Why do I have to use a Pipe Degreaser when I dump my spa water?

An accumulation of 'body fats' builds up on the internal wall cavities of the pipework of your spa.  These body fats will absorb sanitizers causing excessive usage of product.  This can lead to a breeding ground for bacteria.  You need to eliminate this from your system to prevent any build up.  Use Spa Fresh Pipe Degreaser as per instructions prior to every water dump.

How often do I need to clean my Filter cartridge?

Spa filters should be cleaned every 3-6 weeks, or as required.  This depends on bather usage and surrounding elements.  Regular cleaning of filters will ensure maximum filtration of spa water and will prolong the life of your filter.  Just hosing down the filter will not clean it.  The filter traps body fats which are an oily build up that water will not disperse.  Use Spa Fresh Filter Scrub to dissolve these body fats, then hose down with a garden hose.

Do I need to Balance my Spa Water?

This depends on water quality, water will differ from area to area around the country.  It is recommended that regular testing using Spa Clear 4 Way Test Strips, will enable you to test and adjust if required. See 'Balancing the Water'.

My Spa has an Ozonator fitted, should I still use Sanitiser?

Ozone kills bacteria that is external to the spas. However, the main body of water still needs to be sanitised to provide a healthy environment. Spa Clear Spa Sanitiser is compatible with ozone.  Using Spa Clear Spa Sanitiser in conjunction with ozone ensures that a registered bactericide is used within the spa water, maintaining a healthy environment for your spa. 

What should I do with my spa when I am away?

Portable spas may be emptied and left covered.  An in-ground spa should be degreased, dumped and then upon return, follow start up directions.  This is to be done if away for a lengthy period of time.  If you are only going away for a few days or up to a week, test water to ensure balance is fine and add 500mls/1000litre of Spa Clear Lithium or Bromine Sanitiser, and retest upon return.  If  going away for a long time, add a Start-up Dose of Spa Clear on return (see Start-up instruction)

I have Algae in my spa - how do I get rid of it?

​On occasions a spa will become infected with algae. This is more common with tank water, Should this occur we would recommend the following:

Visit your local Spa retailer and purchase a packet of Spa Fresh Algicide.

Make a premix with one half of the contents of each colour sachet in some water and when dissolved pour the blend into the spa. Try to have the pH at 6.8 -7 as this will assist the algicide to be more effective.

Circulate and filter for 8-12 hours. (The spa will initially go cloudy however do not let that worry you), turn air jets on and off several times during this time. At the same time, using a damp cloth with Spa Fresh pipe degreaser on it, wipe inside of spa and around jets, under head rests and the underside of the spa cover. Rinse off the spa cover and leave exposed to the sun.

(If the infestation is severe and when the water is ready to be dumped, remove the filter cartridges, add Spa Fresh pipe degreaser and circulate for 30 minutes and then dump at this point)

Burn off dead algae with Spa Fresh Shock at 60grams/1000 litres and filter for 4 hours, then clean filter cartridges with Spa Fresh Filter Scrub, thoroughly rinse and flush the filter cartridges until water runs clear through the filter cartridges. If required, balance water with Spa Clear Balance (alkalinity 120ppm, pH 7.6.)

Finally, dose the spa with Spa Clear Bromine or Lithium sanitiser at the rate of 1 litre/1000 litres of water.